Montana woman played pro baseball during World War II  State and regional

Montana woman played pro baseball during World War II State and regional

I had to play with the boys most of the time. I was on their baseball team, ”she said Daily Inter Lake. “It was not for women or girls.”

She learned about the All-American Girls league from a magazine article in the Redbook. Her physical education teacher helped Roberts fill out an application and “must have done a pretty good job because they sent back a ticket to spring training.”

Roberts, who was only 20 years old at the time, went home to a training camp in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

“We went through spring training terrified that we would not join the team,” she said.

On the last day, the players completed exercises that would seal their fate. When teams were announced, Roberts scanned the lists until she spied her name on the list of Peoria Red Wings. She was inside.

Each team had 15 players, a leader / coach, a business manager and a female chaperone. Coaches were often notable male sports figures, chosen to gain greater interest from the audience. Players currently received high salaries, from $ 45 to $ 85 per week.

In addition to playing well, league members had to meet certain femininity standards, including attending charm school at night and striving to be as attractive as possible, according to the AAGPBL Players Association.

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