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Gignac Agricultural High School hosts Open Occitanie Baseball 5
Gignac Agricultural High School hosts Open Occitanie Baseball 5

Gignac Agricultural High School hosts Open Occitanie Baseball 5

The 1st edition of the Open d’Occitanie de Baseball 5 took place on Sunday 28 November in the gymnasium of the agricultural high school in Gignac. Under the leadership of Jean-Yves Donnadieu, sports teacher, a local team of 2 girls and 4 boys took up the challenge by being met with more experienced teams from Montpellier (Barracudas 1 and 2), Nîmes (Alligator 1 and 2) and Clapiers-Jacou ( the rabbits).

Two leaders from the French Baseball and Softball Federation (FFBS) were present, the National Technical Director (DTN), Stephen Lesfargues, and the National Technical Adviser (CTN), Lahcène Benhamida, both in charge of the French team Baseball 5, reigning European champion and qualified in 2022 for the first world championship in baseball 5.

Bring discipline where it is not practiced

That explains DTN “This urban version of Baseball-Softball can be played anywhere, we saw it today in Gignac. This faster mixed discipline without specific equipment aims to bring Baseball-Softball where it is not. Or little practiced at the moment. A big thank you to Mrs. Neil and Mr. Moyano for the welcome, and to the President of the Occitanie League, Gérard Cros, for organizing this 1. Open d’Occitanie de Baseball 5. “

No less than 17 group matches were connected in less than 6 hours. The final pitted the two top-ranked teams against each other and saw the Montpellier 2 team win over Nîmes 2 with a score of 10 to 5

. Véronique Neil, Mayor of Pouzols and President of the Intermunicipal High School Leadership Association, presented the trophies and congratulated all participants, especially those from high school, on their first participation in a federal competition. Léa Petit (15, Montpellier) received the trophy for best player in the final. After this beautiful sports day, the participants met in 2022. Video of the Montpellier-Nîmes final available at the link:

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