When baseball no longer matters

When baseball no longer matters

In seconds, baseball lost its significance Saturday in Washington. When a shooter started emptying his gun outside National Park, the players had only one thing on their minds: to protect people.

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Fernando Tatis Jr. in San Diego Padres was one of the fastest players. He quickly requested that family members of the players, as well as supporters nearby, come and cover themselves in the players’ shelter.

If we knew on Sunday that the shooter never got on the ground to the National Stadium, Tatis and his teammates, just like all the supporters gathered in the stands, could not know at that time.


“The situation changed immediately; there were no more players or supporters, Tatis fils explained according to the daily “Washington Post” on Sunday. I felt that all people are just people. ”

The same story could be heard in the Nationals clan. Especially from the mouth of the boss Dave Martinez, who lived a little helpless, the agitation that shook all those present.

“I heard the shots, obviously right away. I looked over the cover at third base where I thought the shots came from, Martinez said. And at this very moment … I had no idea what was going on, but I wanted to make sure everyone was safe. It all happened so fast. People started to get a little hectic, which we do not blame. When a situation like this occurs, try to follow the protocol. But honestly, the protocol is to be safe and take care of your families. “


On Sunday, the match resumed, but without some of the supporters who preferred to stay away, far from the stadium. Asked if he felt safe in his adopted hometown, however, Martinez gave an unequivocal answer.

“I love this city. This city is my home,” he said. “It can be crazy, we all know that. And we all want to feel safe. I can tell you I feel safer than ever in this stadium. We “We do not care about each other. We do not want anyone to be harmed.”

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