Bangor Alternative Baseball ended its first season this Sunday

Bangor Alternative Baseball ended its first season this Sunday

Bill MacDonald’s 15-year-old son, Christian, has spent the last few years watching his younger brother, Michael, train and play baseball. At one of Michael’s last matches, MacDonald heard Christian say under his breath, “I wish I could play baseball at Mansfield Stadium one day.”

This year, this wish was fulfilled with the establishment of the Bangor Alternative Baseball Organization.

Bangor Alternative Baseball 1, Liz Leavitt

according to Bangor Alternative Baseball Facebook Page“Alternative baseball provides an authentic baseball experience for teens and adults (15+) with autism and other disabilities for physical and social competence that enriches life on and off the baseball diamond. In alternative baseball, matches are played with professional league rules.”

The Alternative Baseball Organization, at the national level, was started by a young man named Taylor Duncan. Duncan came from the south and grew up on the Autism Spectrum, and spent many years not being able to play the game he loved because of the diagnosis. So in 2016, Duncan founded Alternative baseball organization, to give people like him a chance to experience how it feels to play the game.

Taylor decided it was time to give these opportunities to other teenagers and adults (aged 15+) just like him to play in a traditional baseball setting without judgment; instead focusing on physical and social skills growth through practice “Authentic experience in all drills and games. Some of the players have since taken their skills to seek other areas of life outside of the baseball diamond, including work.”

Bangor Alternative Baseball 7, Liz Leavitt

The national program spotted local baseball coaches Mike Vining and Kevin Stevenson teaming up with another famous local coach, Tim Collins. The three coaches came up with a plan to start a Bangor Chapter in the Alternative Baseball Organization and contacted Duncan to go through the application process.

In September, they were approved and had agreed an agreement with the people at Mansfield Stadium to hold rehearsals there for 2 hours a week. Then the men reached out to local media to spread the word and call for players.

Bangor Alternative Baseball 4, Liz Leavitt

Bill MacDonald was driving home from his job teaching Adult Ed at the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston when he heard about Bangor’s latest baseball league and did not even hesitate. He pulled the car to the side of the road and registered Christian immediately.

“I did not have to think about it. I knew that if Kevin Stevenson and Mike Vining were involved, my son would play baseball,” MacDonald said. He said in this, the first year it existed, the Bangor Alternative Baseball or BAB team consisted of about 14 players between 15 and 45 years old. MacDonald said that, unlike regular teams where players are released and family members do not usually attend the drills, he noticed that most BAB families stayed to watch their players and cheer on them.

Bangor Alternative Baseball 5, Liz Leavitt

The Bangor Alternative Baseball program is the only alternative baseball team north and east of New York. Basically, it’s the only one of its kind in New England. It has been a special challenge for this team, this first year in a row, since they did not really have anyone else to play this season.

Then, after all their practice, the coaches came up with the fantastic idea of ​​getting their BAB players to play a team with local celebrities and the Allstars, in a big “season-ending” celebration that took place at Mansfield Stadium last Sunday. afternoon.

Bangor Alternative Baseball 3, Liz Leavitt

“The excitement was palpable. It was just electric at Mansfield,” MacDonald said as he described the mood of the game.

MacDonald said there was no shortage of “celebrities” eager to play for this team. And, helped by Husson’s college athletes, who gladly volunteered their time and services to this budding baseball team, throughout the season, was the final result of the first and only match played by Bangor Alternative Baseball in years 24 to 2.

Even Bananas the Bear swung to help, but just could not deliver in the end.

Bangor Alternative Baseball 6, Liz Leavitt

Christian held his own, got some in the pitch and 4th round, and even got a couple of hits.

MacDonald said his son reached Cloud 9 that day, with a smile that lit up the room and still has not stopped.

He hopes that some other communities in Maine will create more alternative baseball teams for children like Christian, and that the Bangor Alternative Team will one day have other teams to play against.

Bill and Christian MacDonald, photo courtesy of Liz Leavitt

MacDonald says anyone interested in learning more about the Bangor Alternative Baseball Team should check it out website and Facebook page.

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