Watch Fort Mackinac Keep History Alive and watch a vintage baseball game live!

A national historic landmark, Fort Mackinac is located on Mackinac Island where the story is kept alive!

A place where you can get the real, vivid experience of what it was like back in the 19th century, you can hear rifles firing, cannons exploding and soldiers recovering marches!

Tourists can visit the military outpost and 13 other historic structures and relive history! Here you can take trips to explore the army from the 1880s, see how the fort has changed over time and also how the women have played a role on the website.

There are six active exhibitions the audience can experience, including: Mackinac, An island known in these regions, Mackinac Military Medicine: 1780-1895, Kids Quarters – reimagined for the 2021 season, Post Guardhouse, North Blockhouse, and Office.

And do not forget to check out a Vintage baseball play here on the oldest continuously used ball field in the state of Michigan! You can watch players in old baseball uniforms play by old rules, barehanded, as they did in the 1870s! Since then, locals and summer workers have played on this historic baseball field in their early 20sth century, and scout troops from all over Michigan have played ball on the same field during the summer months.

To get a real experience of yourself, visit their website HERE for more information.


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