Cleveland Baseball Club has a new name

Cleveland Baseball Club has a new name

The Cleveland baseball team has a new identity. The club, formerly known as the Indians, will now be called the Guardians.

The main series list was released Friday morning. A video told by actor Tom Hanks was posted on the account Twitter of the team.

The club had been known as the Indians since 1915, 15 years after its founding in 1900. The franchise had made the decision to drop this nickname, considered racist by many, at the end of the current major baseball campaign.

Cleveland has spent the past year looking for a new identity. About a month ago, the organization revealed that it had established a list of 1,200 possible names.

“After hearing the stories and experiences of First Nations, we have deeply understood how these communities feel about the name of the team and its impact on them,” owner Paul Dolan said in a statement released in December.

“Although the name ‘Indians’ will remain in our history forever, it is time to move on and work to unite our stakeholders and supporters around a new name,” he added.

In 2016, Cleveland had also changed its logo because it was a caricature of a First Nations man. Called “Chief Wahoo”, the icon has been banished as a secondary logo and is no longer actually used.

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