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By Carlos Moreta – El Moretablazo

For many years or all of history, the popular phenomenon has been known in baseball that “no one complains when they win”. Kabal which today has a direct contrast to Boston Red Sox and the level shown after the second half of the season.

Considering the first semester, Red Sox They had ensured an oversized level on the ground, given the low expectations of the workforce at the start of the campaign in MLB.

As a result, Red Sox they opposed all predictions. It was a machine that worked perfectly. His record of 55-36 in 91 games showed it, so much so that he helped the team not to identify among many other main mistakes in the second half.

At the beginning of the campaign, we all knew it in the series Red Sox it lacked parts in the starting rotation, to a raised pitch that would provide support in big moments. Equally offensive pieces as a good first baseman.

Following their imminent success in the first part of the campaign, Red Sox fell into a position of being satisfied with what they had achieved with their list all the time, which led to clearly desperate moves after the end of the transfer deadline in MLB.

To strengthen their ranks towards the second half of the campaign, Red Sox They only brought relief Hanser Robles from the Minnesota Twins, pitcher Austin Davis and outfielder Kyle Schwarber instead, three moves through trades that were necessary, but not the only team was missing.

After 32 games in the second half of the campaign, Red Sox They put a mark of 14-18. Which gets worse after being swept away in a three-game series against the Yankees from Tuesday to Wednesday, which took them from second place in the Eastern Division of the American League and first place in the same circuit as a wildcard, up to third place overall in its division and remains a draw with athletics for a second wildcard.

As a consequence and direct cause of this astronomical collapse of the red-legged organization, we have its pitch. That went from a 4.09 earned race ERA in the first half, with a goal and hits per inning average (WHIP) of 1.39, to a 4.96 ERA of 32 games in the second half and a WHIP of 1.38.

This turbulent collapse around his path is a burden that the managerial part of the organization has clearly taken on. This is the case in new additions to the organization’s roster, such as the arrival of relief Yacksel Ríos, in addition to the recent signing of a Minor League contract against Alexander Claudio.

Also the interest in supporting a post with great intermission in the middle of the team as a first goal, and add veteran Travis Shaw to his list.

It would not be the second time that by adhering to and having done everything with a staff with obvious shortcomings, Red Sox Collapse. Although they were champions in 2018 with extremely poor relief, there was no point in improving the part the following year, which he restored by putting the brakes on the team’s participation in the playoffs.

I recently read an article by acclaimed colleague Juan Arturo Recio for ESPN, which described the current situation for Red Sox With the controversial headline: “The Boston Red Sox is a victim of its own efforts,” which defines everything. What yes is that neither solitaire: “No complaints when they win” He ends up making a mistake in the middle of this predicted shipwreck.

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