The bandit season ends, construction season begins |  Midwest League Baseball

The bandit season ends, construction season begins | Midwest League Baseball

The existing coach’s wardrobe will be the manager’s office, and the existing manager’s office will be a female wardrobe, among the requirements of the major league as the number of female coaches in the game grows.

“With teams in the major leagues increasing the number of instructors specializing in specific segments of the game, there are Royals personnel here almost weekly in addition to our coaching staff,” said Heller. “Extra space is needed for the coaches, and this will accommodate it.”

Playlists have also expanded and grown from 25 to 30 players last season. The existing River Bandits home cabinet has enough cabinets to accommodate it, but visitors’ wardrobes will be expanded to meet the needs.

The existing kitchen and laundry room in the River Bandits clubhouse will remain unchanged, and a nearby area that has been used for storage will be converted into a dining room for players.

New construction will be built east of the River Bandits clubhouse, located under a licensed stand, games room and entertainment area on the conference level.

The new construction will house two relocated batting cages, as well as a video room, teams for a team nutritionist and trainer, and a new River Bandits gym.

At the east end of the new structure, there will be space dedicated to strength and conditioning work that will be used by both the home team and the visiting team, among new requirements in the major league and storage space for use by the Royals.

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