New York Yankees news: DJ killed by baseball

New York Yankees news: DJ killed by baseball

New York Daily News | Kristie ackert: Another day, another story about baseball. DJ LeMahieu has had a disappointing season, especially in the power department, where his ISO has dropped more than 50 points from the first two seasons in pin stripes. Skipper Aaron Boone blamed the deflected baseball for the second baseman’s setback, and although he was not mistaken, he said Yankees still have to find ways to put runs regardless of the board down the stretch, by the condition of the ball itself.

NBC Sports | John tomase: You can not really say that Yankees have gone cheap in recent years when they have run top-level payrolls consistently, but it would be reasonable to criticize them for being obsessed with value, potentially to a fault. Despite accusations of “buying championships”, I think we all agree that the Yankees, and the sport as a whole, are better off when they are big consumers.

New York Magazine | Joe DeLessio: It’s funny why you worry as a fan. At the start of the season, Yankee fans were probably worried about the health of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and the performance of the starting rotation. Instead, the Yankees’ two big sluggers have carried the lineup, and the rotation, although the names in it have not been quite what we expected, has been one of the top five in baseball.

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