Major league baseball in Montreal is on the move

Major league baseball in Montreal is on the move

Those who are tired of Z’amours can start hoping. The file on the return of the big baseball in Montreal is active on several fronts, and if the presented project is strict, Quebec will be in the game.

According to our sources, an announcement could take place after the November 7 municipal election about the marriage of Expos and the Rays, who would sometimes play in Tampa, sometimes in the metropolis, in shared custody.

An important meeting should take place very soon in the city of Florida to complete the announcement.

Another important point, the financing of the stadium to be built in the Peel Basin is still in discussions with Quebec. Claridge, Stephen Bronfman’s investment firm, had also entered the register of lobbyists last spring.

“We know that Stephen Bronfman and Pierre Boivin, it is their project, they are working very hard on several fronts, especially on the socially acceptable side, it is their job,” stressed Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon, the interview at. Newspaper on the sidebar of an ad in Montreal.

“But on the government side, we still have high-level discussions about what we would be ready to do and which would be strict in relation to society’s money, the people of Quebec,” Fitzgibbon continued. .

What would the government’s contribution be? A grant, a forgivable loan? The Minister did not want to detail the content of the discussions.

“We have several scenarios, it is still too early to talk about it. The government is ready to do something, it will be enough for Bronfman’s group, not yet decided. But it is an interesting project, “said Fitzgibbon.

Although the idea of ​​seeing Quebec invest in a stadium may put some Quebecers in the way, it should be noted that the state is generally involved in this type of infrastructure, especially in the United States.

Another front has been opened in recent months with the business community in Montreal.

The president of the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce (CCMM), Michel Leblanc, has created bridges with Tampa Bay.

“I had discussions with my colleagues in Florida to see how we could create better synergies between our two business bases. We ask ourselves the question, how can we go beyond a split baseball team and possibly have a financial relationship,” says Leblanc.

According to him, the discussions are still at a preliminary stage, but he believes that the next mayor must continue to push the file.

“I currently hear that people are doing serious work. But the return of baseball must remain a political will,” Leblanc said.

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