his recent appearance with his son worries fans at a baseball game

his recent appearance with his son worries fans at a baseball game

Saturday, October 9, Tom cruise was present with the son Connor, on the baseball game against The giants of San Francisco and the team to Dodgers of Los Angeles. A look that scared his fans.

The spectators and the few paparazzi shared snapshots of the actor from “Impossible mission” on social networks, photos, revealed by Page six. Tom cruise looked like a brand new person with a swollen face, which led some to believe that the actor had undergone cosmetic surgery. “What did he do to her face?” The same doctor as Wayne Newton? “, asked an Internet user. “What have you done with your beautiful face?” I was so disappointed when I saw you in the stands of the Dodgers game. “, wrote another. “But what happens to her face?” Does he have an allergic reaction? “, jokes an Internet user. Others, angry at these messages, protected the 59-year-old actor. “I’m tired of Twitter bashing people for their weight fluctuations. They have the right to gain and lose weight. (…) Stop being grossly phobic! “ one of them tweeted. Some even thought of a joke and did not think it was Tom cruise but rather a double of the famous actor.

Anyway, even though the actor seemed disturbed to be photographed so much, he looked very happy. If he is not currently responding, he may come out of the silence to mute all these sounds from cosmetic surgery.

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