Washington National's youth movement and young stars gain important experience ...

Washington National’s youth movement and young stars gain important experience …

Carter Kieboom, 24, spoke after hitting a walk-off single in Monday’s league final with New York Mets, about the feeling of getting their first walk-off winner against a team fighting to stay in the division and Wild Card races, and winning a couple of games after the club fought all weekend in a longer series than usual.

“I mean, it’s pretty hard to describe, honestly,” the Washington citizens‘First round in 2016 told reporters. “I think it’s great to swing the bats like we did all week and then fall short, and finally pull one out there at the end. It’s a happy flight, we’re all happy to go to Atlanta now and keep playing, but to do it against the Mets, it’s kind of been made I think gave us a challenge there late in these ball games, and to pull it off. out against them, we all know they’re in a tight race to get back to the playoffs, so for us to sneak one after them it’s a great feeling. ”

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves

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Kieboom’s teammate, the 21-year-old infielder Luis García went 2 for 4 with a triple in the match on Monday, and he was 7 for 19 with four doubles, the triple in the series with five matches, with 5 of 15 extra base hits. on the season in the five matches, and gives a glimpse of what he can offer when the Nationals start on a restart and something of a youth movement after their fire sale by the deadline of July 30.

“He gets ready on time a little and hits the ball a little better in front,” Martinez said when asked about Garcia’s last successful run on the plate. “But we knew this, I mean, he put up some good numbers in the minor leagues, and it’s just getting him a constant bat and getting him out there every day. I wanted to play him every day, I know I did not. have done it before, we know he hits right players very well, but this is an opportunity for him to play every day, left, right, it does not matter, play second base, and learn, learn about the game, and we learn a lot about him, so he plays a lot better, hits the ball better, plays defense better, so like I said, it’s good to see him go out there and compete. “

And it is of course valuable to have young players like Kieboom and García and others who make up the main league list right now and gain such experiences, including those like Josiah Gray, 23, and Keibert Ruiz, also 23, two of four prospects acquired from Los Angeles Dodgers in the agreement for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. Juan Soto is also only 22 until the end of October.

“Yeah, we want to see these guys play and give them a chance to play every day, and every day I see them get a little bit better, a little bit more confident,” Martinez explained, “… and like I said, good team. , love them, they play hard and we have a lot of fun, although our record does not indicate that, but these guys come out and they are ready to play every day and they are When they have fun, they communicate with each other every day, and you see the excavation, when things happen, they are there cheering on each other, so it has been fun. ”

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves

Photo by Todd Kirkland / Getty Images

While the nationals are out of this season, the teams that are still in action are playing, as mentioned, which will hopefully help them become more comfortable in high intensity situations as they try to turn things around and start fighting again. next years.

“It’s great to see these guys compete against teams that actually have a chance to play in the playoffs, and try to fight to get to the playoffs,” Martinez said before Tuesday’s series opener with NL East leaders Atlanta braves“And these guys, for the most part, we’ve been in every game, and they’ve kept theirs. And they show me signs that they can play at this level, especially in high-impact situations, which is great.

“We will continue to paint every day. Get these guys better, and like I said, hopefully this winter we will have a good idea of ​​what we have, and what I see from some of our young guys is that they have the opportunity to help us win games here in the future. , and hopefully soon. “

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