This first Batman cartoon sold for $ 2.2 million

This first Batman cartoon sold for $ 2.2 million

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The Batman # 1 comic has sold over $ 2 million.

ACTION – Record sales follow each other. After the baseball collector card Mickey cape snapped $ 5.2 million last week, whicha drawing by Tintin was sold for 3.2 million euros, it is now the first Batman cartoon that was just bought for 2.2 million dollars on January 14.

Batman, who is about to celebrate his 82nd birthday, is still as famous as ever around the world. And the sale of this copy, which took place in Dallas in the USA, can testify to this. Offered at auctionthe cartoon was sold for the astronomical amount. This is partly explained by the character’s popularity, but also by the object’s rarity and the excellent state of preservation. The cartoon The Batman # 1 is from 1940, and at that time it was sold for 10 cents in the USA!

As explained by our colleagues from 20 minutes, the former owner of the cartoon had found it in 1979 in a store for $ 3,000 “only”. The copy had been kept and never put up for sale since that day. The previous record was broken by a copy of Detective Comics issue 27 in 1939 with its $ 1.5 million. It is also in this comic that Batman, as a secondary character, was born. With the success, its own comics were created in 1940, together with Robin.

But right now, the title “Action Comics # 1” is the most expensive comic in the world. In fact, the latter sold for $ 3.2 million in 2014.

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