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Major baseball: more clubs in the playoffs?
Major baseball: more clubs in the playoffs?

Major baseball: more clubs in the playoffs?

There are many differences between players and owners during the current baseball lockout in the Major League, but one important aspect has to change: there will soon be more clubs in the playoffs.

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League officials hope to see 14 teams advance to the playoffs, seven in the national and as many in the US. By pulling a little in the ear, the Players’ Association can accept this proposal. Initially, the players would prefer that there were rather 12 qualified clubs, two more than the current format …

No matter what happens, many baseball fans will applaud this change. Many have been wanting to add qualified teams to the playoffs for a long time.

“I have no doubt that the league and the players share a basic understanding of the sport and a commitment to its fans,” said Commissioner Rob Manfred in a statement, commenting on the start of the lockout earlier this year. I remain optimistic that both sides will seize the opportunity to work together to grow, protect and strengthen the sport we love. “

Beyond the financial conflicts, the possible presence of 14 teams in the playoffs could be a step in an interesting direction.

Series 2 of 3 …

According to the plan proposed by major league baseball, the best team in each league would receive a pass while the other division champions, in order of placement, would have the freedom to choose their opponents from the draft clubs (four per league). .

In both the US and the national, three series would make up the “wild card” round with different 2 of 3 duels. The days of one-on-one matches would be over.

Of course, before imagining the next series that includes several teams, the lockout must be resolved. If the conflict continues, there is still a possibility that the game plan of 162 games per club will be slaughtered. Until then, there are training camps that can be delayed.

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