The Henri-Casault baseball field looks good

The Henri-Casault baseball field looks good

WORKS. The baseball field at Parc Henri-Casault has undergone major renovations at a cost of $ 2.5 million over the past year. It was inaugurated on September 15 in front of the main players in the field in Quebec.

Modernity and efficiency

The facility has something to turn around. The natural base has been replaced with a modern, high-quality synthetic surface that will not only improve the quality of the game, but also extend the baseball season by more than five weeks. It better covers the needs of the region’s recreational baseball teams and teams at the elite level. “When it rains, for example, players will be able to play longer on the court because this new surface allows it,” explained Francis Morin, president of Quebec Baseball in the Quebec region.

The major renovations also made it possible to relocate the goals, the ball stopper and add recessed electrical outlets to allow the development of three practice fields on the playing surface. “We can play several matches at the same time. For mosquito and pee teams by installing movable fences to separate the field, so that several young teams can play at the same time. The whole community will benefit,” added Francis Morin.

“The whole community will benefit from this great work.”

– Francis Morin, president of Baseball Quebec

The field will also be able to serve the elite team in the district, Charlesbourg Alouettes. “It will make it possible to offer the city another field of very high quality and become a major attraction for holding matches in many leagues and events in the field,” said Patrick Voyer, member of the executive committee and pride president of the Charlesbourg district. “

Modern facilities around the course

Significant improvements have also been made to the impact cages and relief pens, which are now fenced in and equipped with a synthetic surface. The circulation areas around the site are designed to allow more fluid circulation and to make the racks accessible to people with reduced mobility. Repair of the service pavilion is planned for the next few years.

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