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The baseball coach of Nicholas County High School passes away after a battle with cancer
The baseball coach of Nicholas County High School passes away after a battle with cancer

The baseball coach of Nicholas County High School passes away after a battle with cancer

CARLISLE, Ky. (WTVQ) – Nicholas County baseball coach Travis Sims died Saturday after a long battle with cancer.

Nicholas County Schools confirmed the news on Facebook … writes “We are heartbroken to share the passing of alumni, friend, colleague, leader and teacher, coach Travis Sims”

Sims was diagnosed with glioblastoma in January 2020. He was then operated on to remove the tumor, but it was not expected that he would be able to do it in the last five months … from July he had done so for 20 months.

Mathers Gaunce Funeral Home says Sims was 47 years old and died Saturday afternoon at his home.


CARLISLE, Ky (WTVQ) – Nicholas County High School baseball coach Travis Sims is fighting for his life to beat an aggressive form of brain cancer. He is also trying to train his team for a regional title.

Head coach Travis Sims tells ABC 36 that his life changed in a matter of days. At the end of December 2019, his wife, Jenny, found him in their living room who did not react to a seizure.
Within hours, he was taken to UK Hospital where an MRI revealed a rapidly growing tumor. It would later be diagnosed as glioblastoma. Sims underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but says he was not expected to do so for the past five months. He is now 18 months old and still fighting
and even train their players on the diamond.

“I never knew if I would be able to get here again. I pushed and strived for it. ”

Travis Sims says it is a lifesaver to be back in the excavation. While he is determined to beat cancer. The most difficult thing is to see his wife and twin boys fight with him.

“My wife is my rock. She is so strong. My children, they cope. However, they are having a hard time.”

There are no days. Sims says that every day is tough, and some are even tougher.

“Mom and Dad, I can remember the days. I would have had a small league or a smaller league match, says Sims. “They wanted to take me around the back of the house. They would throw me a bucket of balls and have swing training every day. The tough part is that I just can not do it with my kids now. ”

Sims have a tumor that pushes towards the right side of the brain. It has affected the left side of his body.

His last bad day came this Sunday when he did not feel good enough to go to team photos. So the team photos came to him.

“Our coach told us he was not feeling well,” said Nicholas Co, third baseman Carter Wiglesworth. “He had told us he wanted us to continue taking pictures without him, but we got our bus driver, loaded the bus and went to him.”

That support also appears in games.

Sim’s best friend and assistant coach Josh Earlywine has taken over the vocal tasks as coach. While the rest of the assistants and players do what they can to make life feel normal for coach Sims.

“They’ve done a great job,” Sims said. “It takes a lot off my shoulders. I just want to be a part of it.”

When Sims is a part of it, the team wins and plays with the coach’s determination and determination. From Monday, they were 18-5 in the season and a challenger to win the 10th region

“If he can come out here and see us play, why can’t we go out there, give it our all and do our best out there,” said senior shortstop Dalton Davenport. “You never know when it’s going to be our last time out on the field together.”

Sims believes this is a team that can really do something special.

“I could not have dreamed that it would be better than for us to go to the region and win it. It would be a dream season right there. I think it’s in the cards. I really do. “

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