Baseball fans reunite with their team at Stade Canac [PHOTOS] |  Capitals |  Sport |  The sun

Baseball fans reunite with their team at Stade Canac [PHOTOS] | Capitals | Sport | The sun

“I missed the capital. I know a lot of people, I meet a lot of friends here, but since the pandemic we have not seen much. If it can end, this damn shit, we would have done without,” added Michel Hains.

He took his place behind the shelter of the opposing team’s players, as usual, with his friend Roger by his side.

“It was Michel Laplante who sold my tickets to me in April 1999, we came to pick him up and he removed the snow with the shovel. He did not understand why I did not want to sit behind the Capitals, I made him understand that I preferred to see what happened on their bench, laughs the one who was in charge of the La Bourgeoise team. the heyday of softball.

“I’m well set up at home to watch sports on TV, and luckily it was hockey in the middle of the summer. [l’an passé et cette année], it helped because the evenings would be long.

It was out of the question for him not to be present on Friday. “I was just waiting for them to come back,” he said, referring to the local club which he still considers the capital, even though it was Team Quebec.

Behind the marble, Marius Prémont was very happy to be back. – It is a great team activity. And in addition, the fight is important, the capital can not escape too much against them. I hope they will soon get a little reinforcement, I was told that it can come from Mexico when the season ends there “, trusted the one for whom the victory is important, even for Team Quebec.

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