St. Albert Baseball: Take the Cup Home |  Sports news

St. Albert Baseball: Take the Cup Home | Sports news

The team now hopes that it can stand as an example for younger players, and that it will not take 22 years before the Falcons are at the top again.

“Ever since I grew up in St. Albert, we’re always looked up to the athletes,” Patterson said. “But since we finally got the championship, we finally gave something back to the community. It feels great.

“It’s a great honor because it’s going to set a lot of goals for a lot of people up there. Hopefully our team stays hungry and will be back there in the next couple of years.”

The moment still sank in, but the surreality never came from a lack of faith in their ability. The Falcons entered the season as number 1 in class 1A and had the goal of raising the trophy from the very beginning.

“From the beginning, they really wanted this,” said head coach Duncan Patterson. “After heartache last year, they have been looking for this all season. They have got after that. I would not say that they expected to be there, but they planned to do the best they could and it came out to their satisfaction. ”

The trophy meant more to the players than just this season, as it was also the first time any team in the Council Bluffs had won a state baseball championship in 22 years.

Southwest Iowa is still overlooked by many when it comes to baseball talent, so bringing a trophy home also proved to be a statement for doubters.

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