Several teams are kneeling after deadly violence involving the Trump pro in Washington

Several teams are kneeling after deadly violence involving the Trump pro in Washington

The players to Boston, Miami, Golden state and Clippers knelt during the national anthem, ahead of our NBA games on Wednesday, in response to the violent protest from supporters of Donald Trump in Washington, which stopped the certification of presidential results.

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In Miami, the meeting between the Heat and the Celtics started with a slight delay, after members of the two teams discussed 45 minutes on the field to follow the chaotic events that occurred earlier in the federal capital.

2021 is a new year, but some things have not changed. We are playing tonight’s match with a heavy heart following yesterday’s decision in Kenosha, and knowing that protesters in our nation’s capital are treated differently by political leaders, depending on which side they are on in certain matters.“, the two clubs said in a joint statement.

Police officers involved in the shooting that seriously injured African-American Jacob Blake in August in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were acquitted on Tuesday.

The strong difference between how protesters were treated in the spring and last summer and the encouragement of protesters today, who have acted illegally, shows how much work we still have to do“, they insisted.

And to conclude: “We decided to play tonight’s match to try to bring joy into people’s lives. But we must not forget the injustices of our society, and we will continue to raise our voices to bring these issues to light and do everything we can to work for a more just and just America.“.

“Difference in treatment”

In San Francisco, the Warriors and Clippers also fell to one knee “Star Spangled Banner“While in Milwaukee, the Bucks and Pistons did it early in the game, for two possessions, or twice in 24 seconds. In Phoenix, members of the Suns and Toronto Raptors observed a moment of silence. braided in the middle of the floor.

Since the season began December 22, there had been no kneeling in the NBA, unlike what had happened before every game at the end of last season played in the bubble of Disney World, where players, coaches, staffs, referees, officials had thus decided to support Black Lives Matter.

In late August, after the drama experienced by Jacob BlakThe Milwaukee Bucks even boycotted a game against Orlando. A unique movement run by other baseball and football teams as well as by the Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka.

On Wednesday, before these signs of protest, many personalities in the NBA reacted to the events in Washington, on social networks or in the media.

Among them the Philadelphia coach Doc-elver, who also insisted on “difference in treatment“from the police, for pro-Trump protesters versus Black Lives Matter protesters.

I will say that, because I do not think many do. Can you imagine today, if all black people were storming the Capitol, what would have happened?“, he observed.

How long would it have taken to deploy the National Guard if they had been black and how many would have been dead? This is NOT America! A sitting president did it, cowardly Donald Trump“rebelled Bill Russell, Celtics legend, pioneer in NBA activism.

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