Senior Baseball: Témiscouata wins over Trois-Pistoles

Senior Baseball: Témiscouata wins over Trois-Pistoles

Brave’s Batitech de Témiscouata got off to a good start by scoring points in the first three innings, which yielded results. The team went for a 4-2 victory over Bérubé GM from Trois-Pistoles.

The first hitter of the game Maxime Dugas set the tone with a double and one out later he scored on the single from Dany Paradis-Giroux.

By pulling back 0-2, the locals still led everyone back to first place at the end of the second round thanks, especially to Elie Belzile’s double.

But in the third round, Samuel Pearson gave his team a good lead with a resounding home team. Braves Batitech’s insurance point came in the 5th round on a double from Félix Castonguay.

Winning pitcher: Félix Castonguay (5 rounds thrown)
Losing pitcher: Dave Voyer (5 rounds and 1/3)

Saved game: Maxime Hudon (2 rounds started)

When batting:
For Témiscouata: Félix Castonguay 2 in 3, 1 double and 1 PP
Dany Paradis-Giroux 1 in 3, 1 p and 1 PP
For Trois-Pistoles: Élie Belzile 2 in 3, 2 doubles and 1 PP
Thomas Morin 2 in 3 and 1 P

The next controversial games will take place this Sunday, July 4. La Pocatière meets Grand-Sault at 13.30 at Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Rimouski meets Trois-Pistoles at 19.00 and La Pocatière plays a second game, but against Témiscouata at 19.00

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