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Remember players share baseball and life lessons with the youth of Nebraska
Remember players share baseball and life lessons with the youth of Nebraska

Remember players share baseball and life lessons with the youth of Nebraska

On Saturday, the Nebraska baseball stars tomorrow had the chance to learn from the contemporary Husker stars.

WALTON, Neb. (KLKN) – On Saturday, the baseball stars in Nebraska tomorrow had the chance to learn from the Husker stars of the time.

Kids from Lincoln and Omaha loved the opportunity.

“It was just an honor,” said 11-year-old Brady Kingston. “It was great to play with these high-level baseball players.”

“I learned a lot from them,” said 12-year-old Alex Jensen. “Not just mechanics, but thinking as well.”

Remember baseball players Shay Schanaman, Brice Matthews, Griffin Everitt and Tyler Martin shared their insights on the court and their mental approach.

“It’s super important to be mentally tough and strong, especially in the baseball game, where you fail more than you succeed,” said Schanaman.

“It’s okay not to see the light at the end of the tunnel right away, you just have to continue your journey and your way,” Matthews said.

Youth baseball players were divided into groups and rotated between pitching, hits and field stations run by the four Husker players.

Afterwards, student athletes in Nebraska gathered the young players to share answers to questions, share words of wisdom, and autograph baseball and T-shirts.

“You want all the kids to have fun and do well, but you also want them to understand that they’re going to make mistakes, and they have to learn from them and keep going to grow and get better,” Schanaman said.

Of course, this is the first year NCAA athletes can make money on camps like this one due to changes in name, image and equality laws.

Husker players say that their priority was to make sure that the children had a rewarding experience, but acknowledged that it was cool to be able to make money on the site as well.

“I want to make sure the children are well, and I do my best to keep the children well,” said Martin. “But it’s definitely a good feeling, you know, just come here and do something I like and make some money doing it.”

In total, more than 150 children with big dreams and bright futures came to train with the players. They say they will take with them the lessons they learned today about baseball and life, as they move on.

“Of course I will make it all the way up to the majors,” Jensen said. “But the next step is to get my team to high school and from there to go to college.”

“I may not want to be a professional, but I just want to have fun and succeed,” Kingston said. “I just want to do great things on the baseball field.”

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