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Lively exchange between Legault and Nadeau-Dubois over the financing of a possible baseball stadium in Montreal
Lively exchange between Legault and Nadeau-Dubois over the financing of a possible baseball stadium in Montreal

Lively exchange between Legault and Nadeau-Dubois over the financing of a possible baseball stadium in Montreal

Pursued in the hall about a possible baseball stadium that could be financed with taxpayers’ money, François Legault tried to send Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois into the cables, accusing him of making unworthy comments from a party leader.

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During an exchange at the Blue Room, the parliamentary leader of Quebec expressed solidarity fears that “the saga of stadiums paid for by public funds”, which “began with the Left and Quebec Amphitheater”, will continue with CAQ.

It is that Finance Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon on Tuesday confirmed that he has been in discussions “for a few months” with Stephen Bronfman’s group, to assess the fallout related to the possible return of a professional baseball team in Montreal, which would involve the construction of a new stadium.

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The opposition parties have all rejected the idea of ​​a private stadium that will be financed with public money, even at no cost.

A “steamboat” that does not pass

“Me, my steamboat, in baseball, I like it all dressed ketchup, but no public money,” joked Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, returning to the accusation on this subject during the question period.

The prime minister responded by repeating a tweet from the day before that he had not yet digested, in which Nadeau-Dubois said he had “turned around” when he learned that CAQ intended to “put millions in a half baseball team while the seniors eat mud” .

“The leader of Quebec Solidaire must find another topic to make separations on his Twitter accounts,” Mr. Legault intimidated. No, but, I mean, it does not suit a party leader. […] He wants to be premier in Quebec. ”

“The leader of Québec solidaire tells us that he wants to create a new policy, that he wants to make it modern. I have never seen it, such mud, he added.

One thing and the opposite

When it comes to financing a possible stadium, the CAQ leader said one thing and the opposite.

“There is no question of our government putting a penny from the taxpayers in this,” Legault said first.

Was asked to clarify his position, “contrary to what the leader of Quebec solidaire says, if it ever becomes a baseball stadium, it will not cost Quebec taxpayers a penny,” the prime minister later qualified.

During a press conference, Minister Fitzgibbon talked about the benefits of the forgiving loan model before adding that the government “is not there” in the baseball portfolio.

– When the government invests money in a project, it is because we believe that the economic benefits will be positive, otherwise we would not do it, he said.

The minister responsible for sports, Isabelle Charest, said for her part that the financial aspect of the project is in the hands of her colleague. “If it’s not a deficit for taxpayers, I have no problem with it,” she said.

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