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“The world has known only two true geniuses: Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare.” Tallulah bankhead

the baseball is a team sports which is played with a bat to hit a ball launched. The batter tries to hit the ball to make time to advance on the three bases to go to the starting point (home plate) to score a point. The defense team tries to put a player out by catching the volleyball, especially. After three outs, the attacking team must defend itself for the second part of a handle. The team with the most points after nine rounds wins the match.

Baseball is always attached to United States where the sport is called the national pastime; but it is also considered a national sport Cuba, i the Dominican Republic, to Nicaragua, to Panama, To Puerto Rico, To Taiwan and at Venezuela. It is also very popular in Japan, i South Korea and at Mexico, and it is played at a high level of Canada, i Colombia, i Australia, av The Netherlands and in Italy.

Spelling the word was originally “baseball” then “baseball”. The term “baseball” is recommended in 1990 Spell check report.

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Portal: Baseball - Wikipedia

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