Oakland A fires 20 percent of employees across business, baseball business

Oakland A fires 20 percent of employees across business, baseball business

A wave of layoffs is sweeping Major League Baseball this offseason due to the pandemic’s impact on revenue. Oakland A is part of the wave, with employees losing jobs on both the business and baseball operations side of the organization.

A source says that about 20% of the employees were affected by baseball and business operations, of which almost all came from the pool of 150 employees who were affected in April this year. Those affected were to return when the spring was lifted on 31 October, but were informed that their positions would not be there for them by the end of the year.

Due to uncertainty about the Oakland Coliseum’s permitted capacity in 2021 – if and how many fans are allowed to go to the stands – about 60 people were laid off from the ticket sales and marketing sector in the organization. Twenty of the 150 people who met in April went on their own terms. But employees who ran around found out on Friday that they had lost their jobs.

“Today was an extremely difficult day,” the A said in a statement on Friday. “Oakland As has completed a reorganization of full-time employees and informed a number of employees that at the end of the year they will no longer have a position in the club. These decisions are due to the unique impact and the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic for our business. We are committed to providing support to those affected by these decisions, including health care, retirement and other assistance programs. ”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding a minor league season for the 2021 season, most of the baseball surgery jobs that were originally tough will be replenished in October – and most scouts returned to work during the 2020 season when scout restrictions were lifted. Sources say, however, that about 10 people in scouting and player development will not return to their posts for next season; some did not get their contracts renewed, others accepted pension packages.

Al Pedrique’s removal as manager Bob Melvin’s third base coach is not included in the layoffs, and is the only coaching change at the professional level so far.

A’s owner John Fisher faced setbacks when he decided to race almost all of A’s amateur and pro scouts and player development departments in June, making Oakland the first and only team to cut $ 400 scholarships for its minor league players. The adversity became so severe that Fisher eventually reversed course.

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