A permanent change in bigger baseball?

A permanent change in bigger baseball?

The uncertainty and financial losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have forced several baseball teams in major leagues to resign, but many unemployed may never find their jobs.

This was claimed by The Athletic website on Monday, and at the same time revealed that the losses for the shortened season were estimated at 3.1 billion dollars, according to a leader of the Manfred circle.

However, some layoffs seemed planned even before the coronavirus was created. Referring to several anonymous sources, The Athletic claims that the economic context is only accelerating a turn that clubs have wanted to take for a while.

Thus, several managers believe that it is really possible to reduce the staff in the team significantly, especially when it comes to recruitment, by choosing more remote work with videos.

“I do not think most people will return,” said an anonymous HR manager.


Several major league organizations are reportedly currently at the heart of a conflict between businessmen who see the financial side of the sport and those who make sporting decisions.

“There has been a lot of talk with owners, presidents, vice presidents, and we can not believe how much we have grown. [du côté du nombre d’employés]A source said.

“I think there’s a real divide between baseball executives and business executives,” said another source. Business executives see baseball as a cost, and when you win, they share in honor. But when you lose, it’s your fault, and in the meantime, it’s just an expense. I think they see the proliferation of jobs on the baseball side as largely unnecessary. “


A recruiter who recently lost his job, however, believes that this is not the right decision, and that the long-term losses can be much greater if some talent goes under the radar.

“The owners are incredibly short-sighted,” he said, anonymously. To save a few hundred thousand dollars in the short term, they risk making millions of dollars by not covering leagues and teams properly and beating out some of the best recruiters in the sport. “

While someone has to make a career change, not everything is bad for baseball: teams that take a different direction can actually benefit.

“I think a few teams will be opportunistic and go in a different direction,” said a team member. I hope we become one of the teams. ”

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