Baseball Laval rewards craftsmen for an exceptional season

Baseball Laval rewards craftsmen for an exceptional season

The day after Gala Mérita’s 440 Laval Chevrolet 2020 broadcast on its Facebook page, which was watched by more than 1,000 people, Baseball Laval makes public the list of recipients of this event who are declaring an exceptional season.

Despite COVID-19, we innovated and recorded an abbreviated gala that was the masterful host of Jean Allard for 20 years. Once again, we congratulate the players, players, teams, coaches, officials and volunteers who have distinguished themselves during this very special season. Thanks also to the associations for helping young people with high quality baseball in a specific context. Finally, thanks to the gala organizers and members of the selection committee Sa Baseball Laval President Christian Cyr.

Individual awards (mixed)
Rally Cap MVP (one recipient per association)
• Félix Luneau, Laval-Nord
• William Delcourt, Vimont-Auteuil
• Alonso Vivas, Laval East
Atom AB MVP: Angelica Passarelli, Vimont-Auteuil (B)
Mosquito AB MVP: Emeric Perez, Laval-Nord (A)
Mosquito AA player par excellence: Loukas Logothetis. Laval Associates
Pee Wee AB MVP: Camille Gélinas, Tornades de Laval (B)
Pee Wee AA MVP: Camille Proulx, Associates of Laval
Bantam AB MVP: Estéban Piccione, Laval-Nord (A)
Bantam AA MVP: Léo Lefebvre, Associates of Laval
Midget AB MVP: Yanick Audet, Vimont-Auteuil (A)
Midget AA MVP: Jérémy Charron, Associates of Laval
Junior Major MVP: Étienne Lalonde, Pirates de Laval (AA)

Individual awards (baseball ladies)
MVP A: Florence Bergeron, Laval-Nord
MVP B: Annika Desjardins, Tornades de Laval Pee Wee
MVP competition: Zoé Sawaya, Laval-Nord

Honors coaches groups
Coaching Group par excellence A: Astros de Laval-Est Pee Wee
Coach group par excellence B: Faucons de Vimont-Auteuil Atome
AA Excellent Coaching Group: Laval AA Bantam Associates

Team awards
Excellent layer A: Pirates of Delta Atom
Team par excellence B: Tornades de Laval Bantam
AA team in the highest degree: Laval Bantam Associates

Voluntary awards (one per association)
Delta Volunteer par excellence: Eric Girard
Laval-East volunteer par excellence: Claude Villeneuve
Laval-Nord volunteer par excellence: Josianne Caron
Volunteer par excellence Vimont-Auteuil: Sébastien Lacharité
Volunteer par excellence Laval Associates: France Mailly

Jean Allard Scholarship
In addition to winning a $ 60 gift card that can be exchanged at the Entrepôt du baseball shop, like the other recipients, MVP Mosquito AB, Emeric Perez and MVP B, Annika Desjardins, each received a $ 100 scholarship from host Jean Allard which they can apply for registration in 2021. In addition, they will soon receive a new baseball glove, thanks to Easton.

In addition, the Baseball Laval used the gala to honor three prominent volunteers who stand out for the quality of their commitment to baseball:

Carole Brochu: responsible for several years of custom baseball in the region.
Sylvain Mayrand: coach and trainer for coaches in the Laval region.
Pascal Doré: coach for coach and coach for young people from youth centers.

These three people will receive a gift card that can be exchanged at Carrefour Laval. Sign to reward officials

Finally, the regional goal and referee committees agreed to thank each of the people who served as officials this season.

A gift card was drawn among the points groups and for the judge group.
Winner for goal scorers: Jordane Audette
Winner of the judges: François Fiola

Baseball would like to thank its precious partners who made this gala and the 2020 season possible: 440 Laval Chevrolet, the restaurants Benny & Co, Sports Rousseau, L’Entrepôt du baseball, Laval’s deputies to the National Assembly of Quebec and the City of Laval.

Congratulations to the recipients and finalists and see you next season!

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