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Most youth baseball caregivers are unaware of guidelines for safe pitching

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Despite the implementation and availability of safe pitching guidelines, 83% of the youth baseball nurses surveyed were unaware of the existence of these safe pitching recommendations, according to published results.

Christian Reintgen, MD, and colleagues from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Florida, distributed a 22-question survey on demographic data, knowledge of overhead guidelines for throwing, pitching history, the presence of risk factors associated with overhead throwing injuries to 98 caregivers for youth baseball pitchers in North Central Florida .

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Reintgen and colleagues also noted it players who threw more than 6 months of the year, were over 13 years old and threw basket balls were prone to throwing arm pain. Data were obtained from Reintgen C, et al. IJSPT. 2021; doi: 10.26603 / 001c.22532.

After voting, the researchers found that 83% of the caregivers (n = 81) were unaware that there were safe guidelines for pitching. Of the caregivers surveyed, 52% (n = 51) remembered that the child had pain in the arm as a result of pitching; 26% of pitchers (n = 25) were forced to miss a pitching appearance due to pain in the arm; and 27% of all players (n = 26) sought medical attention for arm pain due to pitching.

Survey data also showed that players who threw more than 6 months of the year were older than 13 years and threw basket balls were prone to throwing arm pain.

“Protecting youth baseball players from preventable injury is important given that there are over 200,000 youth baseball teams in the United States,” the researchers wrote. “Given the results of this study, further measures need to be taken to improve nurses’ understanding of current guidelines to increase compliance and protect adolescent scans,” they concluded.

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