Major baseball in Montreal: Denis Coderre plays it safe

Major baseball in Montreal: Denis Coderre plays it safe

Candidate in the race for mayor of Montreal for the November 7 election, Denis Coderre preferred to play safe when he commented on the latest news about the question of possible joint custody of a major baseball team with Tampa.

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“I have no problem with ambition and success, but things need to be done right,” Coderre said when asked on Monday. At the moment we have a plan, but I do not want to comment on saying that it will come … “

Having never hidden that he is a big fan of baseball coming back, the candidate for the Ensemble Montreal party wants to let the current negotiations take place, and believes that there are other priorities during this campaign.

“People do not want to hear about baseball, they do not want to hear whether we are building a stadium or not, they do not want speculation, they want to know if they can work tomorrow early and if we can manage at the moment,” the candidate said.

Coderre nevertheless made it known that he adheres to development strategies that should involve the private sector.

“We do not want Quebec Nordique’s syndrome. We can talk about baseball every day … But the reality right now is that there are negotiations with [Stephen] Bronfman and his group with the government in Quebec, he formulated. There is nothing that will come out before the municipal election, and I see it with a good eye … There will be no money for the stadium itself anyway. We let these people negotiate. ”

According to what has been reported in the last week, an announcement can take place after the municipal election on November 7 about the marriage between Montreal and Tampa. Funding for the stadium, which was to be built in Peel Basin, remains in discussions with Quebec.

For the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, it is impossible for taxpayers’ money to be used to finance the construction of a future stadium.

“We are a baseball bat, that’s for sure. That said, for me, it is irrelevant for Montrealers to invest, for the taxpayers’ money to go to the construction of a stadium, “said Ms. Plante.

“There are still many details, which are not details to be honest, because establishing oneself in a neighborhood is far from being a detail, contrary to what my opponent can argue with,” she said.

For its part, the organization of the rays has done nothing to deny the rumors. On the contrary. In an interview with the podcast This Week in Rays Baseball on Saturday, team president Matt Silverman even said that a poster promoting the joint custody plan would be put up at Rays Stadium during the playoffs.

“We want to make our plan visible and show that we are feverish,” said Mr. Silverman.

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