Frontier League: Baseball returns to Quebec and Trois-Rivières

Frontier League: Baseball returns to Quebec and Trois-Rivières

After months of uncertainty, the Capitals of Quebec and the Eagles of Trois-Rivières confirmed this morning at a press conference that Team Quebec will be back in the country.

The Quebec formation of the Frontier League will soon end a stay of 11 consecutive weeks in the United States and will play a first home game on July 30 in Quebec and August 3 in Trois-Rivières. A total of 21 home games, divided between Quebec and Trois-Rivières, will be played until mid-September.

These local Team Quebec matches will obviously take place under new conditions for baseball fans in the province. Minutes will be in place at the Quebec City and Trois-Rivières stadiums.

“It is a sigh of relief for our fans, our players, our employees and for the survival of the organizations. After an interrupted season in 2020, it was unthinkable not to do everything in our power to present professional baseball to our fans in 2021. Since the start of this exceptional season, the team’s return to Quebec has been a great challenge. for both organizations. », Declared Michel Laplante, President of the Capitals.

“We won our game! We have been working on this file for several months, and it will enable our organizations to ensure good financial health. I also think of the players and fans who have been very patient. It is difficult to ask for a better scenario for the end of the Team Quebec project, “said Eagles President René Martin.

“The return to the team is very important and expected for our fans and for our players who are very happy to finally be able to trust their support. For several months, the uncertainty that we will return to Quebec has taken up more and more space in internal discussions. The confirmation caused a wave of tension in the team, and we are more eager than ever to develop in front of us. », Notes Team Quebec boss Patrick Scalabrini.

The leaders of the Frontier League are also pleased with this positive result for Team Quebec. “We are very excited to finally play games in Quebec and do so in a safe environment according to the requirements of various government agencies. This is an important day for the Frontier League to finally be able to celebrate its common footprint between the United States and Canada, “said Jon Danos, CEO of the Frontier League. Assistant Commissioner Steve Tahsler also highlighted the joint work of the two organizations with this file: “Employees of both organizations have been working hard for several months on this file. We are happy to see that their efforts have paid off. “

Between now and this first game in front of Quebec supporters, the two organizations will continue their joint efforts in cooperation with the various levels of government to ensure the presentation of incidents in accordance with the health measures in force.

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