Montreal Baseball Group: no announcements in the coming months

Montreal Baseball Group: no announcements in the coming months

No announcement regarding the project to set up a large baseball team and build a stadium in Montreal is scheduled for November 7, or in the days or weeks that follow.

That’s at least the message Stephen Bronfman, from the Montreal Baseball Group, had to share on Friday.

“We must continue our approach with rigor until we are able to share a complete and inclusive vision that will receive support from society,” the businessman said in a press release.

In the letter, it is clear that Baseball Montreal Group is holding the course regarding the sister city project to involve the Tampa Bay Rays.

The relevant group specifies that it continues to “work on the development of the project with the help of several consultants in matters of architecture, economic development, tourism, culture, environment and social benefits”.

“The design and development of the Wellington Basin area and adjoining rooms will offer a conscientious, responsible and innovative project, which will integrate a new sports and community complex and transform a strategic sector in Montreal into an attractive living environment,” he said. on also noted.

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