MLB: Major Baseball Ends 70-year association with tops for cards

MLB: Major Baseball Ends 70-year association with tops for cards

Major Baseball terminates a 70-year affiliation with Topps trading card company after entering into an agreement with a competing company.

The move sabotages the transaction that was announced earlier this year between Topps and a non-operating company that would have taken Topps to the stock market.

The network ESPN reported on Thursday that it received a copy of a note from the Major Baseball Players Association stating that the rights to the baseball cards will belong to a company created by the sporting goods manufacturer Fanatics when the current agreement expires at the end of 2022. The new company created by Fanatics has not yet been named.

The agreement between Major Baseball and Topps expires at the end of 2025.

Fanatics will also have agreements with NBA and NFL players’ unions, according to ESPN. Fanatics did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Topps, which confirmed on Friday that it will remain a private company, expects to be able to continue producing products with the Major Baseball license until the end of 2025.

Topps was founded in 1938 and is best known for its baseball cards. Topps has also made products for MLS, UEFA Champions League, NHL, Formula 1, Star Wars and WWE. The confectionery section also produces sweets, such as Bazooka chewing gum.

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