Late Night Recaps This year's congressional baseball game

Late Night Recaps This year’s congressional baseball game

“Okay, let’s move on to some news about Britney Spears: formerly a girl, but currently a woman.” – TREVOR NOAH

“Jamie Spears, her father, leaves his daughter’s conservatory to focus on his true passion, trying to jump an ATV over his pool above the ground.” – JIMMY KIMMEL

“It’s been 13 years since a court put her under a conservatory, which means she can not spend her own money, she can not make her own career or medical decisions, and she can not even choose her own fighter in Super Smash Bros. . ‘She just has to be Diddy King every single time! ” – TREVOR NOAH

“And props to her fans to make this happen. Because you know who was really in front of the basket? The ‘Let Britney be at peace’ person. Yes, back then we were like, ‘Whoa, that’s a little over the top!’ And now we’re like, ‘Yo, let’s say this [expletive] at the Supreme Court. ‘» – TREVOR NOAH

“I mean, Britney Spears is worth $ 60 million, yes – but she does not need a conservator. Do you know who does it? People with $ 60 billion. These people are out of control. I mean, mention one thing Britney has done that is as wasteful and simply thoughtless as going into space in a giant penis. ”- TREVOR NOAH

Chloe Fineman from “Saturday Night Live” performed several impressions of the moment on “The Tonight Show.”

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