Kim Ng, first female GM in baseball in major league

Kim Ng, first female GM in baseball in major league

Kim Ng, first female GM in baseball in major league

The Miami Marlins appointed Kim Ng as the team’s general manager on Friday, a first for a woman in major league baseball (MLB) and the major professional circles in North America.

Kim Ng tasted the joys of three championships while working with the staff of the New York Yankees.

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Kim Ng tasted the joys of three championships while working with the staff of the New York Yankees.

Kim Ng has more than 30 years of experience in various positions in the major leagues, both in the administration of the circuit (2011-2020) and in organizations such as the Chicago White Sox (1990-1996), the Yankees from New York (1998-2001) and Los Angeles Dodgers (2002-2011).

I started in Major League Baseball as an intern, and after decades of determination, it is the honor of my career to lead the Miami Marlins as general manager., she said in a statement.

When I first started in the business, it seemed unlikely that a woman would lead a larger league team, but I am determined to reach my goals.Kim Ng added.

Marlins broke a glass roof by hiring the vice president of baseball operations in the major league, a position she had held since 2011. Kim Ng is also the first person of Asian descent to land the GM role in MLB. .

Marlin’s co-owner Derek Jeter defended the Yankees colors as she worked for the New York organization. The new member of the Baseball Hall of Fame looking forward to the reunion.

We look forward to benefiting from all of Kim’s knowledge and vast experience. His leadership in our baseball operations team will be an important part of our quest for long-term success.Sa Jeter.

Shortstop Miguel Rojas followed on social media and praised Kim Ng’s deal on Twitter. Welcome to Miami, Kim, I look forward to working with you to bring a championship back to this city.

The 51-year-old, who has a degree in public policy from the University of Chicago, has worked on teams that have taken the playoffs eight times and won the World Series on three occasions. She took on the role of assistant general manager for the Yankees even before she was in her thirties.

The Bronx Bombers highlighted this historical achievement on social networks by offering congratulations for this promotion fully deserved, they write.

Kim Ng is the fifth GM in Marlin’s short history. She succeeds Michael Hill, without a contract since the end of the 2020 calendar.

The Floridians presented a 31-29 performance last season and finished in sixth place in the National League. They first defeated the Chicago Cubs in third place in the first playoff round, and then lost to the Atlanta Braves, 2nd in the division game.

A great day for professional sports

When Radio-Canada Sports told him the news, Éric Brunelle, director of the Pôle sport at HEC Montréal, was immediately happy when he noticed that an important border had just been crossed.

Finally a professional team that crosses the wall, the glass roof! We know that this woman has a good career. I understand that she was a candidate for a general leadership position in several other teams. For skills she certainly had them. It is beautiful to see a professional team that agrees to give their responsibility to a woman. It’s a big day for professional sportshe said first.

After acknowledging that prejudices still persist about women’s ability to take such positions, Éric Brunelle spoke about the maze of female leadership that many of them face.

I guess baseball, like all other industries, went through this. Especially since we know that professional sports may historically be a little more conservative than other sectors. Inevitably, it can lead to such a situation.

Éric Brunelle, Director of the Sports Department at HEC Montréal

I would also say – it is divided into two – men play together, women play together, and in professional sports we can often see this development in the career where we are first and foremost an athlete. Then we start occupying administrative functions. This regular channel is less accessible since we are not athletes (women) in these teams., he added to illustrate the culture that is present in the medium.

Kim Ng will she be looked at more because she is a woman? Brunelle thinks so.

Inevitably, it will attract attention. You can think of Danica Patrick when she was driving in NASCAR. No matter what happens, she will get attention. But will it only be negative attention? Should we wish she did not succeed? On the contrary. I think this will be a role model that will inspire many young women, and even men.

When will we see an example similar to hockey? Good question, answered Éric Brunelle. I do not know, honestly. I think it’s possible. It is a sport, like all sports, that has a certain culture. But we can not wait for that to happen. But is there currently a potential candidate? I do not think it’s a tomorrow morning unless I’m wrong. As they say, history to follow …

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