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Area Code Baseball has partnered with Prep Baseball Report to offer more athletes an opportunity to learn, compete and demonstrate their skills through the Area Code ID series. The platform, set to launch in December, was partially built to fill the void left in the recruitment and evaluation process created by the COVID-19 pandemic, while giving athletes the unique opportunity to learn what it takes to play. at the next level directly from professional scouts. The Area Code ID series, powered by Prep Baseball Report, will be the first step on the journey to competing in baseball’s premier summer show, Area Code Baseball Games. Select participants from the ID series will be invited to compete in the Area Code Tryouts in the summer of 2021.

“Together with the Prep Baseball Report, we can leverage the strengths of both organizations to provide a truly unique first-time athletic experience. Our shared vision of offering more opportunities for athletes to achieve their dreams while improving their game will be the cornerstone of this new platform and we could not have been happier to get started. “- Zack Greer, GM, Area Code Baseball.

The event’s curriculum is designed to give athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents and find areas to improve their game through real-time feedback and instruction from the scouts in attendance. Athletes will participate in position-specific curriculum with position players participating in a pro-style workout and boxes throwing bullpens. In addition to receiving feedback from MLB scouts, swing and pitch analysis will be captured by our partners, Blast Motion & Trackman, and shared with the more than 900 colleges and scouts currently subscribing to Prep Baseball Report.

“Area Code Games have long been an iconic brand in the amateur baseball world, and ultimately play an important role in the path of high school players to realizing their dreams of playing professional baseball,” said Prep Baseball Report President Sean Duncan. “Above all, the people who run the area code games are good people who do things the right way. We are very happy to join this initiative with them.”

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About Prep Baseball Report

Since its inception in 2005, Prep Baseball Report has developed into one of the country’s largest and most respected independent scout services, with a unique focus on providing comprehensive year-round coverage in every state we are in. The mission of Prep Baseball Report is to scout and promote amateur baseball – high school, middle school and college – and finally help athletes achieve their dreams of playing baseball at the next level. With more than 150 scouts, we have the largest scouting infrastructure for baseball at all levels of amateur baseball in the country.

Prep Baseball Report is the No. 1 resource for amateur baseball in every state we cover through our range of events, scout staff on the ground, daily coverage and multimedia platforms. Our multimedia platforms and events work together, and ultimately create the most powerful source of advanced baseball campaigns in each state. While other organizations are taking a national approach, our goal is to become the ground-level authoritative voice in every state.

About area code baseball
For 33 years, the baseball area code has provided world-class experiences for the best high school baseball players from across the country. Area code trials and games, which are free to all participants, remain a staple in the evaluation process for MLB scouts and college coaches. Every year, area code baseball engages with nearly 3,000 athletes from across the country. For more information on area code baseball, please visit: https: //

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