Baseball players have fun playing football in high school

Baseball players have fun playing football in high school

Let’s give a standing ovation to the group of baseball players who decided to also play football this fall and make the most of their high school experience while ignoring the doomsday that recommends playing baseball all year round, or you are supposed to hinder development.

Take the case to Matt Quintanar, one of the best prisoners in Southern California who is a Pepperdine commitment. He gave up football after the first-year season at Hart.

“That was my biggest regret,” he said Sunday morning. “I just had to go back and play with my best friends.”

He returned to play football in the senior season, and joined the team after two games. On Friday night, he scored the even touchdown and the winning touchdown in an overtime win over Valencia.

“It was surreal,” he said. “They stormed the pitch and it was the first time they beat Valencia in 13 years.”

He still trains baseball for an hour before he goes to football practice. He still plays baseball on the weekends. But you only go to high school once, and yes, he’s heard all the warnings about possible injury.

“If I’m going to get hurt, I’m going to get hurt,” he said. “You have to play hard.”

And football can even help his baseball game.

“I still hit bombs,” he said.

Another top baseball player is Oregon State commit Matthew Morrell of Cypress. He is one of the best junior athletes and an outstanding pitcher. He started as a receiver and moved to quarterback when the team needed him due to an injury this season.

UCLA baseball coach John Savage said he likes athletes with multiple sports and likes football players because they go into baseball with a different mental and physical toughness. Former St. John Bosco football / baseball standout JonJon Vaughns is a starter for the Bruins.

Trabuco Hills has two prominent baseball players in quarterback Will Burns and running back Drew Barrett, who play shortstop and midfield, respectively. St. John Bosco’s second defensive back Peyton Woodyard is also a promising outfielder.

There is nothing wrong with having fun as an athlete with two sports. And it can even help someone to improve in both sports.

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