In Venezuela, a gang built a baseball field in a prison

In Venezuela, a gang built a baseball field in a prison

With artificial grass and a quality lighting system. There is much better quality equipment than anyone in the country’s professional league, according to local media. A baseball field was discovered in the middle of Tocorón Prison, located in the state of Aragua, Venezuela. This sports facility was allegedly built by members of the Tren de Aragua gang who are imprisoned there, reports an article on Vice World News. This is also shown by a video that quickly went viral on social networks. It shows a perfectly maintained lawn, a quality lighting system and the name of one of the largest prison gangs in the country, Tren de Aragua, painted on the walls of the property. “The House of Princes. Stadium, Dad. A real stadium at night, ”we can hear in the video. El “Tren de Aragua” dice que tiene hasta un estadio … # 14abr If the author of the video does not specify the date and time of the recording, or even the exact location, the stadium is clearly visible on google maps and is well located inside the prison. “This room was previously used for softball training, and was then developed by this criminal organization,” prison officials from the prison confirmed anonymously to Venezuelan news site Runrunes. “They even put artificial turf on it,” an Aragua police officer added. A well-known project According to relatives of some prisoners, the country is not accessible to all inmates in the city center: only those who have an important place in the gang hierarchy can go there. The voice in the video even claims that baseball matches held there are sources of play. Contrary to what one may … Read more at

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