In Dinan, the cyclones are looking for a baseball base - Dinan

In Dinan, the cyclones are looking for a baseball base – Dinan

In 1994, a brand new sport “made in America” ​​came to Dinan: baseball. The club, called Les Cyclones, has generated many followers on La Nourais’ lawn. In 2001, the adventure ended and everyone hung up the bat. Sixteen years later in 2017, the cyclones returned to dinannais sports vortex. Yesterday’s founders, Jeff Renault and Baptiste Bougis, wanted to try to write a new page in baseball history on the banks of the Rance.

“Sticking in the wheels”

The club faced a major problem from the beginning: the lack of available land to play on. – We were put in the wheels, because it was only for football, the two friends say. Calorguen municipality finally offered them their sports field, and Evran sports hall was open to them on Saturdays for winter training.

In 2020, Covid disrupted the cyclones, and a season later, the results do not look good. Today, the club has a workforce of eighteen licensees, including four children ages 6 to 7, seven youths and seven adults. The goal remains the same: «to find a website in Dinan to develop our sport. We have sent a request for the Cordiers complex to our young people, but at the moment we have no response, favorable or not, ask Baptiste Bougis and Jeff Renault. – It looks very complicated.

However, the flagship sport in the United States is one of the most spectacular. “Hitting the ball with a bat, catching it with a glove: these are movements, experiences not found in other sports, the originality makes them attractive. A field will allow our club to attract more people, so that schools can play baseball. And we could open an indoor slot machine on a weekday evening for adults, ”the two enthusiasts hope.


Baptiste Bougis on tel. 06 84 11 71 77 or by e-mail:

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