Le jour de la marmotte pour le baseball et la balle lente

Groundhog Day for Baseball and Slow Pitch

Ball fans will have to wait a little longer to see if they can jump on the court this summer. In Saint-Félicien, as in Roberval, organizations and cities are waiting for public health directives before implementing measures.

The situation is strangely similar to last year on this date. The pandemic is still a source of uncertainty for many outdoor activities.

David Boudreault is in charge of baseball in Saint-Félicien, and he can not yet comment on next season.

“We have to wait and see what public health tells us. Playing ball with a mask all the time is not so good ”.

The season in Saint-Félicien usually starts in early May, and David Boudreault will know as soon as possible about the guidelines for the coming summer.

“We have been running the season for several years from the beginning of May to the end of June. It’s a season of about eight weeks. We do not want to go beyond the end of the school year, because many families go on holiday, to a cabin or to a campsite in the summer ”.

For David Boudreault, things start to pick up, especially when you know that the registration period lasts for about two weeks.

“I wish the kids could practice the ball this summer, but to be honest I do not expect a season. But we will find out very soon ”.

Hope in Roberval

The director of recreation in the city of Roberval, Carol Martel, is still hopeful.

“Yes, I think we will have a season this summer, but with many health restrictions and with respect for social distancing. We are talking about a group of eight young people at a time in the field. It is not easy, he admits.

Traditionally in Roberval there is a women’s league and a male line.

“There is a real interest in the ball in our industry. Normally we have around 120 players divided into about ten teams, six for men and four for women “.

The leisure director also wants a quick public health decision since the season usually begins around the end of May.

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