Great baseball in Montreal: meeting in sight between the mayor and investors

Great baseball in Montreal: meeting in sight between the mayor and investors

Things are moving in the sister city project between Montreal and Tampa Bay in big baseball, to such an extent that a meeting should soon take place between the investors involved and the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante.

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“I think the promoters have a meeting next week with the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, and thus promoted the premiere in Quebec, François Legault, on Thursday, during his appearance in the JiC program on TVA Sports waves. It is clear that all levels of government must be interested in the project. ”

On Wednesday, at the conference for major baseball in Chicago, a presentation was held for the members of the executive committee for the major baseball leagues by owner Stuart Sternberg. A vote should soon take place for approval of the project from the various clubs.

Quite discreetly over the past year, Baseball Montreal Group, led by businessman Stephen Bronfman, even gave a brief statement Thursday, saying they were encouraged by the progress of the file.

“Although we still have a lot of work to do, we are proud of the relationship we have established with Stuart Sternberg and the Tampa Bay Rays as we move toward our ultimate goal,” said Bronfman.

A project that makes sense …

Among the measures to be taken, there are obviously discussions with the various levels of government. If the meeting with Mayor Plante were to clarify the position of the city of Montreal regarding the possible construction of a stadium in the city center, the provincial authorities are behind the project, as long as we do not freeze in the pockets of taxpayers.

“For our part, we have been clear: We are not talking about using more than the actual additional benefits we get. We are not here to make money, but we are open for Expos to come, or whatever they are now called, the Prime Minister said on Thursday, still on TVA Sports.

“The Tampa Bay project makes a lot of sense, in my opinion,” Mr. Legault continued. We will talk about 40 local matches in Tampa and the other 40 in Montreal during the best summer months, in July and August. I think it’s interest. Now we have to see what the mayor thinks about it, and we have to make sure it does not cost Quebec taxpayers money. “

“Everyone wins”

In March last year, after a registration in the lobbyist registry to lead to a meeting with the provincial government, Legault had already shown itself open to helping with the construction of a new stadium in Montreal.

“If we are able to bring a baseball team, then it provides more income than the help we give to the company, well, everyone is a winner, including Quebecers,” the then prime minister had established.


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