Chin Music, Episode 40: Total Bases Ball

Chin Music, Episode 40: Total Bases Ball

It’s a day late, but certainly not a dollar card like that Chin music will return with guest host Hannah keys of Yahoo Sports, who joins me to talk about baseball and other things. We begin by discussing the price week, or more precisely, the reaction to the price poll and the strange emotional energy someone uses for it. Then we move on to actual baseball news with some great offers for pitchers, the Mets finally get a GM, and the success and failure of some of the experimental rules being tested in the Arizona Fall League. After that we are joined by a special guest Evan drellich of The Athletic, which updates us on baseball’s labor negotiations, where we all three set odds on where things go from here. Then there are your emails about private workouts, swaps, and some changes to the game, which let Hannah talk about her ridiculous concept of Total Bases Ball. Finally, we end with a little Sumo and Project Runway talk before you leave for the week.

As always, we hope you enjoy it, and thank you for listening.

Music by Model home.

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Warning one: Although they are apparently a baseball podcast, these conversations often turn to other topics.

Warning two: This is explicit language.

Driving time: 2:27:51

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