Aigles: le Centre de pratique s’installe chez Baseball 360

Eagles: Practice Center moves to Baseball 360

Trois-Rivières Eagles have signed a three-year deal with Baseball 360 to set up their fitness center there.

All players in the Eagles’ structure, from professional level to mosquito, will benefit from first-class facilities in the building on rue Bellefeuille, whatever the season.

“Rain or shine, we can keep Mosquito for professional training there at very convenient times. Baseball 360 is one gain. We already had the Alphonse-Desjardins Sports Complex where things are going very well, but they are congested considering their sporting offerings. We will therefore be able to complete our CSAD training with Baseball 360, ”explains René Martin, President of Aigles de Trois-Rivières.

Eagles: Practice Center moves to Baseball 360
Raphael Gladu

This new partnership will also help recruit Quebec players. Furthermore, the head of the Aigles de Trois-Rivières, Matthew Rusch, had the opportunity to hold a few test camps this winter with some players.

“It’s a big partnership for the Eagles. We managed to get a few players in to see them in action pending a recruitment. It’s a great partnership for the Eagles. It will also be good for the development of local players, ”adds Matthew Rusch.

“With the team’s transition to the Frontier League which provides space for more recruits, we will have more quebecers on the team. With Junior, we see more and more players going to American colleges. An installation such as Baseball 360 made it possible to invite players even in the winter, if they train at home, “explains René Martin.

The complex is dedicated exclusively to the practice of baseball and ball, and is equipped with four batting cages, a pitch pen, a fitness room, a specialty store and a sports lounge.

“The original plan has always been to give the region another facility that complements the current offer, so that all baseball players can continue to develop. We also want to create a baseball community, to be this home for baseball. For young people, it is valuable to see a Raphaël Gladu or a Steeve Brown knock next to you and have the opportunity to exchange views, ”said Steeve Ager, President and CEO of Baseball 360 Trois-Rivières.

Eagles: Practice Center moves to Baseball 360

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