WSU catcher Matt Erickson throws the ball back to the pitcher during a scrimmage, Saturday, Oct. 18, 2021, in Pullman.

TD SK AO AL | Baseball shows an overview of parachutes – The Daily Evergreen

Gray squad takes a couple of victories in the matches on Friday, Saturday

WSU + catcher + Matt + Erickson + throws + the ball + back + to + pitcher + during + a + scrimmage% 2C + Saturday% 2C + oct.  + 18% 2C + 2021% 2C + in + Pullman.


WSU catcher Matt Erickson throws the ball back to the pitcher during a scrimmage on Saturday, October 18, 2021 in Pullman.

WSU baseball previewed the 2022 season this weekend with two six-inning intrasquad scrimmages, one Friday afternoon and the other Saturday morning.

The baseball list for 2022 was divided into two teams; the Gray Squad and the Crimson Squad.

Friday afternoon’s scrimmage was dominated by pitching, with the only match in the match coming in the sixth round. The right-handed Hylan Hall beat in the only race on an RBI triple. Hall went 2-3 with a single and a triple in scrimmage.

The game opened with two closing innings from throws Merek Sears and Duke Brotherton.

TD SK AO AL | Baseball shows an overview of parachutes - The Daily Evergreen
WSU pitcher Dakota Hawkins throws a pitch during a scrimmage, Saturday, October 18, 2021, in Pullman.

Freshman left-handed pitcher Jack Dedonato replaced Brotherton to start the third. Brotherton showed that he belonged to a Coug, and worked his way out of a base-loaded jam with one out. The 6-foot-4 newcomer will definitely be someone to watch this season.

Sophomore right-handed pitcher Cooper Barnum took over for Merek Sears on the mound to start the third inning. Barnum first picked out a runner, and showed a quick pickoff move to the fans at the stadium.

Friday afternoon’s scrimage ended 1-0 after six rounds in favor of the Gray squad.

Saturday’s match brought several fans away from tailgating and into the stands. With the temperature in the 60s, the scrimmage had some of the best weather October has to offer. The increased attendance may have helped to get the teams ready to go on stage when the Gray squad opened the first half with two races.

Outfielder Jacob McKeon showed his power in the match’s second stroke and hit a home run by the left-handed pitcher McKabe Cottrell. McKeon’s shot to the left field increased the Gray squad to 1-0.

Hall continued to excel on Saturday, after McKeon’s one shot with a successful shot. Then first Hall stole the other easily, dived into the bag. When he got 90 feet alone, Hall took the defense on guard and stole the third undisputed.

Since Cottrell had to worry about Hall’s speed threat, Nate Swarts managed to get the best of Cottrell, hitting a double and sending Hall home easily and extending the lead to the Gray team 2-0. Cottrell then beat Matt Erickson to finish the top half of the first inning.

Right-handed pitcher Grant Taylor stopped the Crimson squad from responding with their own runs, and started the outing with a so-called third strike against Kyler Stancato. Taylor went on to set a new shutout round and record another called third strike, this time on Jack Smith.

The game went quiet until the fourth inning when the Gray team took advantage of pitcher Jack Lee’s match to find the plate. Lee gave up an infield base hit to Hall, his second of the match. During the trip, Lee gave up three trips and one race. In particular, Lee worked his way out of the tough situation by stranding the bases loaded in the fourth round.

For the first time in both scrimmages, the Crimson squad scored a race in the fourth round. The Crimson squad’s race came on behalf of an absolute moon shot over the fence to the right of left-wing Collin Montez.

The Montez power threat will be an important resource for Cougar baseball during this spring’s regular season.

Hall appears to be a very exciting player to watch this season. In the autumn finesse, Hall went 4-6 with an RBI, two stolen bases and good defensive mechanics in the field.

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