DuBois woman accused of hitting man with aluminum baseball bat |  News

DuBois woman accused of hitting man with aluminum baseball bat | News

DuBOIS – A woman from DuBois has been jailed after hitting a man in the head with a baseball bat when she mistakenly thought he was trying to break into her home.

Melinda Rena Glosser, 46, from DuBois, is charged with aggravated assault – attempt to cause or cause bodily harm with a deadly weapon, a crime in the second degree, simple assault and making a false report, both offenses in the second degree, according to a criminal complaint filed with the DuBois Magisterial Office on November 2.

According to a statement of probable cause, DuBois City police were dispatched to Grove Place on November 2 for what was described as a burglary. They were informed that Glosser reported that her neighbor was trying to enter her home through an air-conditioning window unit, and allegedly hit the man in the head with a baseball bat after he took her. While the police reacted on the spot, a new call came in from the man in question, who stated that Glosser had attacked him, according to the statement of probable cause.

The police contacted Glosser on arrival, who was “extremely tense”, and led the police to the south side of her home, pointing to the window where she claimed that the man was trying to remove the air conditioner and enter the home. When she heard someone try to remove the device, she grabbed an aluminum baseball bat and confronted the man standing next to the air conditioner. Glosser claimed the man grabbed her hair and tried to pull her to the ground, when she hit him in the head with the bat twice, and withdrew to the residence, according to the statement of probable cause. Glosser claimed that she confronted the man due to fear for her safety.

The police then contacted the man in question, who was standing in his kitchen, holding the right side of his face. The man said he was outside his home and searched for the pet parakeet who had escaped, right behind his home along the property next to Glosser’s garden. While in possession of a flashlight and boxer, the man said as he tried to get his parakeet out of a bush, that Glosser allegedly appeared in the dark and said, “Get out of my garden,” and immediately punched him in the face. with the bat. In an attempt to defend himself, the man said he pressed his fingers into Glosser’s eyes and grabbed her hair, according to the statement of probable cause.

The man told police that he had pain under his right eye, nose, cheeks and ear, and that he had a ringing sound in his right ear and could not hear. He must have had a large red mark under his right eye.

Further evaluation of the crime scene is said to have confirmed the man’s history, according to police, since they found a flashlight and boxer at the exact spot where he said the assault took place. Police also observed pieces of hair that appeared to belong to Glosser on the ground. Evidence indicated that the man was on the property boundary at the time of the assault, and not next to Glosser’s air conditioner as she had claimed, according to the statement of probable cause.

Glossary is locked in Clearfield County Jail instead of $ 25,000 lease. Her preliminary hearing was continued on 5 November and will now be held on 19 November.

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