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Cuba qualifies for the Junior World Championships

national series of baseballCuba has received the ticket to the Junior Baseball World Cup which will be held in Sarasota-Florida next September.

Cuba secured second place in the U.S. rankings, after Covid-19 canceled the tournament before the World Cup in the Mexican city of Veracruz, scheduled for June 15 to July 4.

The executive committee of the Copabe, Pan American Baseball Confederation, said that Cuba and Mexico got a place thanks to their second and third place in the table; as for Panama and Canada, they received the passport that was approved by the results of the last three Pan-American events in the category (2014, 2016, 2018).

Quadruple regional champions USA host the under 18 event (September 10-19) as the world team’s first team.

In the absence of one of the aforementioned national federations, the quota will be covered by Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras and Guatemala, in that order.

Copabe adds that the Mexican Baseball Federation has withdrawn from the organization of the pre-cup due to the health crisis raging in the world. / RHC

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