Little Leaguers love to play baseball |  KTAB

Little Leaguers love to play baseball | KTAB

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a new generation of children fall in love with America’s favorite past.

Carter Riley says, “I really love it. I’ve just been playing since I was two years old. It’s just been a lot of fun for me. ”

Jace Blair says, “I love everyone back there. We are all good friends and I will not stop playing baseball. ”

Like most young players, these small leagues are inspired by their favorite MLB players.

Cash Churchill says: “My favorite player is Javier Baez. He’s a great short stop, and he’s pimping out of the ball if he hits home runs. ”

Jace Blair says, Zack Greinke. Just because of the way he acts and he’s fun to watch. ”

Carter Riley says: “Fernando Tatis Jr. He’s just a very happy player and he’s a short stop.”

Nate Holbrook says, “Joey Gallo, because he hit bombs.”

Kamden Allen says: “Probably Fernando Tatis or Javier Baez, because I love their defensive play.”

From the Big Country, across the United States and around the world, the Little Leagues are competing to beat their tickets to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, for the Little League World Series. The coaches I spoke to say that it is more important than ever for the players to have fun, no matter how heated the competition may be.

Alex Tatum says, “We are just volunteers, we like to do it, and we are here for the kids. Whatever it takes to get them up, get the morale going, that’s what we’re here for. Win or lose, if you give 100%, at the end of the day who cares. You’re having fun out here. ”

Mark Jackson says, “We want these kids to do the best they can, but to grow as young men as they play the game they love.”

Playing little league baseball or other youth sports gives kids the chance to get out, have fun and maybe even make some lifelong friends in the process.

Mark Jackson says: “My son is 12 years old and this is his last year with little league baseball, so it’s very sweet and it’s very fun, and so we want to play and we want to win as long as we can. So we can keep this fun dream alive. ”

Cash Churchill says: “My brother and I have been talking. He wanted to go to Williamsport, I want to go to Williamsport. I just wanted to be so funny and they are so funny. Hysterical. “

District V semifinals are Friday night at the Dixie Little League at 8 p.m.

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