Burlington native to join the baseball team in the fall

Burlington native to join the baseball team in the fall

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Photo: Regards Avery Smith

Avery Smith, a recruiter for Emerson’s men’s baseball team, who plays for Canterbury.

The Emerson baseball team received a new addition to the 2021-22 squad on February 2nd. 7 after Canterbury Baseball announced inside / outside Avery Smith had committed to the Lions.

Burlington, a native of Vermont, also announced his commitment on his social media accounts, but said he was already preparing to move to Boston before then.

“I officially posted it on my social media and through my team last Sunday, the Super Bowl Sunday, but I’ve known it for a while,” Smith said in a phone interview.

Smith wants to major in sports communication and said he believes Emerson will provide a long-term plan for his career.

“I also felt that being with Emerson was going to set me up better than anywhere else I looked,” Smith said. “In my evaluation of the colleges I looked at, it was a bit of a no-brainer. Emerson checked off all my boxes. ”

His father, Jeff, said the son’s decision excited the whole family.

“We were very happy,” Jeff Smith said in a telephone interview. “He put a lot of work into this process, thinking through what was the right school for him from an academic perspective, and finding a place where he could play baseball suited him well. We were psyched for him, really psyched. ”

Avery will dive right into the baseball team in the autumn of 2021 and wants to give the Lions not only another player, but also an important resource off the field. Smith sees himself as a “utility guy” and stated that his love of the game has been there all his life.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I could walk,” Smith said. “I mean, I grew up on the small league field. It’s been my thing forever. ”

Jeff Smith echoed his son’s enthusiastic feeling.

“He’s always been very focused on baseball,” said Jeff Smith. “It’s always been a sport he enjoyed, from being in the Little League to middle school to high school.”

Avery Smith played baseball throughout junior high and high school. After graduating from Burlington High School in 2020, he decided to take an academic year at Canterbury School, a preparatory boarding school and day school in New Milford, Connecticut. At Canterbury, Avery Smith has played under head coach Todd Mathewson.

Mathewson sang Smith’s praise and explained what the recruit will bring to the Lions next season.

“His best tool is his bat,” Matthewson said in a telephone interview. “[He] generates really good bath speed and has a little close power. He has also worked very well with the hitter and developed into a more polished hitter by using the whole field. I think his bat is going to be the thing that is going to come into play, and hopefully you hope to get some bats early that [first-year student]. ”

The main attribute of Avery Smith’s peers is not only his ability and passion for the game, but his maturity and the work he puts into helping his teammates. Jeff Smith said his son’s maturity has been evident since the early stages of his baseball career.

“In both junior high and high school, he was really a coach on the field,” said Jeff Smith. “I think he will fit in very well with Emerson with the team and the coaching staff because he will listen, he will do everything you ask of him from that perspective, and he will just put everything on the field for the team. ”

Matthewson had limited time to coach Avery Smith due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but he still saw Avery Smith’s work ethic shown to the Saints. Matthewson also noted Smith’s constant presence in the weight room and in the batting cage, as well as his maturity and commitment.

“I think he comes in with a more mature presence than most [first-year students] with his work ethic, even the gym, promises every single day. In Matthewson. “I think he’s going to take it with him to college, and I think work ethic will be contagious to some of his teammates.”

Smith’s first appearance with the Lions is still a long way off, but he already hopes to be an important resource for the team.

“I definitely feel like I’m bringing a mature presence, a good hard-working mindset and a big bat to the lineup,” Smith said. “I feel very versatile, so I can go where I need to, and I’m always ready to help in the way our coaches need around the team.”

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