Ben Zobrist drops $ 6 million lawsuit against pastor |  Baseball

Ben Zobrist drops $ 6 million lawsuit against pastor | Baseball

Phil Thompson Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO – Train the Chicago Cubs tool Ben Zobrist dropped the lawsuit against Pastor Byron Yawn, who sought $ 6 million in damages as a result of Yawn’s marital relationship with Zobrist’s foreign wife, Julianna, and a allegation that Yawn cheated on his charity.

According to a court document obtained by the Tribune, attorney Larry Crain issued a notice Thursday in Nashville (Tenn.) Circuit Court that voluntarily withdrew the claim, even though the type of notice – “without prejudice” – leaves Zobrist able to file a lawsuit within a year.

This comes when the Zobrists are involved in a divorce case this week in a court in Franklin, Tenn.

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“It’s a step in the right direction,” Yawn’s lawyer, Christopher Bellamy, told the Tribune.

“I’m suspicious of them, but I’m optimistic he’s going to keep doing the right thing.”

Julianna and Ben Zobrist

Julianna Zobrist greets her husband Ben Zobrist after she sang the national anthem at Memorial Day at Wrigley Field on May 30, 2016.

Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

In the notice, there was no reason why Zobrist decided to drop the case. The Tribune tried to reach Crain via e-mail, but did not receive an immediate response.

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Zobrist did not file a lawsuit until May 6, claiming that Yawn’s affair with Julianna – one she admitted to having had during a divorce filing – constituted “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Illinois is following the rest of the country as it becomes more diverse over the past decade, with a 15% increase in people identifying themselves as Latin Americans in the 2020 census, and double- and triple-digit percentages in people who say they are multiracial.

He also alleged that Yawn fraudulently collected the salary of $ 3,500 per month as CEO of Patriot Forward, an athlete support group, and paid in at least two months’ checks after graduating in March 2019.

Zobrist had sought $ 6 million in punitive and compensatory damages through a jury trial.

Late last month, Yawn’s lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case, denying that there had been any fraud and arguing that the “worthless” suit was an attempt to blame Yawn for Zobrist’s marital problems. The proposal also said that Zobrist missed the time window for submitting his claim.

Yawn’s lawyer said that Yawn and Julianna consider themselves a couple now.

“For the past two years, Mr. Yawn and Zobrist have been in a healthy and emotionally secure relationship,” Bellamy wrote in his brief.

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