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Baseball, rules, exercises and physical preparation

Author: Bruno Chauzi, certified physical education teacher.

Baseball is a sport if rule first is to send a ball as far as possible in the field to be able to walk around a playing surface, with several bases where one can stop. The library and training exercises custom allows fast learning. ONE a physical exercise based on a exercise program for body weight develops explosive strength, the most important quality of baseball.

Baseball rules

Main rules

There can only be one runner per base

baseball rules

You can not walk past a runner

basic baseball rules

You have to run in a straight line from base to base

basic baseball rules

Four throws outside the zone automatically gives the batter 1st base

baseball rules

When the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, the runner can move on at his own risk.

baseball rule

Points in baseball

the role of attack in baseball

Offensive phase: all players, equipped with helmets and bats, switch to the opponent’s pot. With a bat, they try to catch the ball that the pitcher throws at their catcher (strike). When the offensive player hits the ball inside the court, he becomes a runner and tries to reach 1st base, then 2nd base, 3rd base, and will score a point if, after rounding all 3 bases, he returns to marble without being eliminated. The following hitters, by their strike, try to get the runners to advance to the following bases and thus allow them to complete base turns and thus score points.

Eliminate an attacker

Prevent the opposing team from scoring points by eliminating 3 attackers to take their turn in attack

1 – A batsman can be withdrawn on Strike out: when he has not struck after 3 attempts or 3 throws in the zone (strike).

baseball defense

2 – The batter is out when the hit ball is taken on the volley

baseball defense

3 – A runner is called out when the ball has come in front of him at the base where he is forced to walk

baseball defense

4 – A runner is called out when he is touched, ball in hand or ball in glove, by a defender between two bases

baseball defense

Baseball court

baseball fieldThe land is in the form of a quarter slice. It is divided into 2 parts, infield and outfield. The two teams of 9 players meet each other in alternating order of offensive phases (helmet + bat) and defensive phases (cap + glove).

Teams can only score points when they are in the attacking phase.

In the defensive phase, they try to eliminate 3 players from the opposing team to return to the offensive phase and try to score points.

Exercises and play


To facilitate learning of baseball, one can use tennis balls, eliminate the position of the receiver and:

  • for 8-10 years: use a tennis racket instead of a bat. The pitcher then throws the ball from below
  • for 10-13 year olds: put a Tee-ball on the home plate, this replaces the thrower
  • for 13-15-year-olds: The pitcher throws the ball from below and the balls use a bat

The library, a game near baseball

The library is a simple game to play similar to baseball: the batsmen must walk around the court marked by the hoops without being knocked out by the trimmers.

A physical exercise

Weight training at home

weight training for baseballExplosivity is important in baseball training in the chest and arms to hit the ball, in the legs to move from base to base. For good physical preparation in baseball bodybuilding at home, with little space and little equipment, is a good solution because it provides a complete and coherent workout to gain muscle power and speed.

Bodyweight program

It is also possible to develop your explosiveness during the holidays by following exercise program for body weight 8 weeks can be downloaded from the website.

Other training methods

The charging contrast method and plyometrics are also very effective in developing this explosiveness.

Baseball history

A baseball-like game that aims to send a ball as far as possible so that it can go around a play area, with several places where it is possible to stop, has been played in France for several centuries.

baseball historyThe principle of this sport, contrary to what people think, is not exclusively American. The origins of this game date back to Egypt, from the first centuries of our time. Practiced in Europe in various forms and under several names: Thèque (France), Rounders (UK), Epka (Russia) or Schlagball (Germany); everyone has their own way of playing, but no one regulates it.

Professional or amateur, baseball will take two votes, the pros are present in more than 200 clubs in the USA, Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, Cuba, Australia, they represent 6000 players under contract. One hundred million Americans follow the press, television and companies of the Major League during the World Series, which according to the Americans is a world championship. The USA is still the baseball country in college, university and especially with family and friends, where softball is played for fun on improvised fields.

baseball historyOn the amateur side, 115 million licensees play around the world, it is one of the most popular sports on our planet after football. There are more than 80 federations governed by the IBA, International Baseball Association. Cuban dominance over amateur baseball is impressive, since 1939 they have achieved an Olympic title and 19 world championship titles for 22 appearances, while the United States has only achieved 3

The Asian continent is not left out with Korea, Japan and Taiwan regularly placing in the top 4 of world championships.

Olympic baseball has already entered stadiums several times, but it was not until October 13, 1988 that it was officially introduced as an Olympic sport. Barcelona 92 ​​inaugurated the 25th sport of Olympics

Baseball lexicon


Slightly larger than a tennis ball, which weighs about 150 g, baseball is very difficult, but it is not made of wood. The core, cork and rubber are surrounded by a very long rope coil. The outer house is in leather or vinyl.


Baseball is a sport that comes from library, cricket born in the United States in the 18th century. It is a national sport in the United States as in Cuba, in Japan. Little known in France, it is an Olympic sport practiced in 80 countries around the world, such as Italy, Spain and Russia.


Used only in the offensive phase, and allows the batter (or batter) to put the ball in play. The baseball bat is made of wood or aluminum and is tapered in the shape of a cone while the Softball bat is almost cylindrical.


In the defensive phase, all baseball players are equipped with a glove (vinyl and / or leather). Players who throw with the right hand actually wear the glove on the left hand. Likewise, the left throwers put the glove on the right hand to be able to throw with the left hand. Some positions require gloves of a certain shape (eg Recipient)


it is the center of defense. The jug tries to outsmart the batter with balls with different paths and speeds (up to 160 km / h!)

Sleeve (inning)

A round is over when the same team has defended and attacked. Professional baseball games are played over 9 rounds

Marble (home plate)

Flat, white, trapezoidal base, over which the pitcher must throw the ball. When the batter-turned runner successively touches the 1st, 2nd and 3rd base and then the home plate, he scores 1 point


The jug and the catcher are on the same team: they try to beat the batter together. The receiver (with a grid, a chest plate, a reinforced glove, leggings) is crawling behind the plate and catches the bullets. To outsmart the batter, he asks the pitcher (using signals) for the type of pitch and places the glove to offer him a goal.

Soft ball

Sports from baseball, in softball throws throws the ball under the ball is larger the bat has a cylindrical shape. Softball is played as a male, female or mixed team


baseball strike zoneflexible support (in the form of an inverted T, hence the name) on which the ball is placed to hit it. For the youngest, it is also a way to learn about baseball

baseball defense

Baseball team in defense: 9 players

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