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Baseball is given the status of a Cuban cultural heritage

bate pelota guanteBaseball was awarded the status of Cultural Heritage of Cuba yesterday in a ceremony loaded with symbolism, patriotism and art.

The sports facility, located in the Pueblo Nuevo district of the homonymous provincial capital, was the scene of the sport’s first official match in the country, an event that took place on December 27, 1874.

This historic match, played between a team from Havana and the hosts, took place according to the rules in force at the time, with both teams in uniform, one referee and one scorer.

The former hill, declared a national monument and the oldest active in the world, is home to the Matanza Baseball Fame Show, founded in 2016.

From this year to today, the Committee of Experts has elevated around fifty personalities associated with the sport of ball and shooting, including athletes, leaders, historians, writers, commentators and journalists.

Two facts about baseball in the Matanzas are impossible to ignore: the inclusion of dozens of local players in the struggle for independence, including the national champion Matanzas, 1892-1893 and 1894-1895 who joined the battlefields against Spanish colonialism.

The other important event was the presence of the musician and composer Miguel Failde, the creator of danzón, the national dance on the island, who animated with the orchestra the games that took place in Palmar de Junco.

It is precisely this Tuesday that the group bearing the name of the glorious creator, led by his great-grandson Ethiel, flutist, arranger and defender of the dance genre conceived by his predecessor, performs on the day of the recognition.

This October 19, there was an event with a strong patriotic content. An important recognition for the favorite sport of the Cubans and for the city of Matanzas, the initiator of the social phenomenon of baseball in the country, after celebrating its 328th anniversary just under a week ago. / PL

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