Baseball in Montreal: Olympic Stadium pulls on the cover

Baseball in Montreal: Olympic Stadium pulls on the cover

If businessman Stephen Bronfman and his partners have requested a meeting with the provincial government in the construction project for a baseball stadium in the city center, the leaders of Olympic Park will now come to remind the existence of the stadium.

“For baseball, we are ready to welcome them, before, during, after, if they ever have a team and they do not have a stadium, we would like to welcome them,” said Michel Labrecque, president-general of Olympic Park. , at the microphone of Benoît Dutrizac, on QUB Radio.

The Olympic Stadium, which was particularly a preparatory game for the Toronto Blue Jays from 2014 to 2019, is truly an option if a major baseball club were to come to Montreal. On the other hand, success inevitably requires the construction of a new stadium for many baseball fans.

Against all odds, Mr. Labrecque remembers that the Olympic Stadium area has 4,000 parking spaces and is served by two subway stations and soon three REM stations.

“Caisse de dépôt et placements Infra, they say we are 10 minutes from the center, 15 minutes from Peel station, so we are not that far,” he insisted.

“Everyone wins”

The topic of the return of major baseball to Montreal is at the heart of the news as the Montreal Baseball Group plans to meet with the government to present its financial plan. If help is requested for the new stadium, the goal remains that the amount invested will ultimately benefit the government.

“If we are able to bring in a baseball team, then it provides more income than the help we give to the company, well, everyone is a winner, including Quebecers,” Prime Minister François Legault had earlier this week asked. whether public money can contribute to the project.

Listen to Michel Labrecque’s interview on Benoît Dutrizac’s microphone on QUB radio:

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